Sales Team Subscription

For Sales Leaders, Business owners  who are looking to provide their team with the knowledge and skills  to bridge the performance gaps . This option allows you to purchase a subscription for yourself and your team regardless of size. Sales Leader annual subscription is $695 Cdn.

Karen is a pleasure to work with. She seeks to understand the culture, structure and needs in order to support her customer's desired result.There's no doubt that our team is differentiating themselves vs. our competitors with a more professional and customer centric approach.
            Lisa Trudell, VP Sales Sagen

As a  Leader you have access to the sales programs your team is completing, giving you visibility and awareness to better coach and support their progress. You also have your own Leader playbook to provide a coaching framework to support your 1:1 calls.  Your Leader Portal provides you with a Dashboard to track progress, performance and review your teams responses to their assignments. These insights better  prepare you to effectively coach and support your team's growth.  Align the K2 metrics with your internal KPS's to streamline reporting, performance management and quarterly or year end reviews.


Click below to purchase our Leader + Sales Team Subscription, $695 Cdn per year/ Leader: