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Many companies I have trained have experienced double digit results in performance, improved confidence and increased their conversion rates by a minimum of 10%. These sales teams became acutely aware of what it took to create an overall better experience for their clients, and that was the differentiator.  The challenge is how do we maintain learning momentum after the training? 

How can we revisit the content just in time? (JIT) Re-apply it, make it our own. Gaining real time practice allows us to get comfortable with the material, craft stories, share examples to have authentic, meaningful business conversation with our clients without sounding scripted. 

To this extent, I have created an online subscription based sales training platform for sales professionals and Sales Leaders- The K2 Sales Academy.

Individual Sales Reps/ Business Owners can access the program individually for $495/ year. Complete the modules, knowledge checks, access resource folders, attend Virtual live webinars and live Q&A to apply your knowledge and make it your own.

Sales Teams After completing the modules, upload your knowledge checks to your leader for discussion and feedback. Book a coaching call using your leaders calendar link to discuss your progress after each module.

 Tune in, where we offer webinars to add to the learning experience and further support the content. 

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There are many areas of business out of our control, yet we continue to invest in them and hope for a different outcome. Choose the package that is best for you.
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What is The K2 Sales Academy?