Welcome to The K2 Sales Academy!

Are you tired of the same old sales training  that produces minimal to no results? Training delivered by someone who has never managed a quota, succeeded in the industry or can  repeat their results for others.

Sales is about delivering outcomes.  An exchange of value for time. This is no different when selecting  a sales training partner. Time out of your territory or business must have a positive impact on your mindset, sales processes and techniques all contributing to your overall win rate. 

Challenges with traditional sales training programs are maintaining learning momentum after the training, unable to revisit the content just in time (JIT). No opportunity to gain real time practice & get comfortable with the material using storytelling  & sharing examples.  The outcome, we sound scripted and struggle to have meaningful business conversations that convert.

Join the K2 Sales Academy, an online subscription based Sales training platform for sales professionals, Sales Leaders and business owners. Coming together to level up their sales skills, increase their confidence  and convert more opportunities 

The best thing in working with K2 Perform is that Karen herself comes from a Sales background and understands the process. This is something Sales people can definitely relate too and are more amenable to ideas/strategies when being confronted with a new way of doing things. Karen gave them each specific examples to work on, to help improve their skill set. If specifics aren’t used, and topics are kept general, progression takes much longer – Karen’s system is efficient and more effective        Daniela Perrelli, VP Sales Galien Inc.


Individual Sales Reps/ Business Owners Access the program individually for $495/ year. Complete the modules, knowledge checks, access resource folders, attend Virtual live webinars and live Q&A to apply your knowledge and make it your own.


Sales Teams After completing the modules, upload your knowledge checks to your leader for discussion and feedback. Book a coaching call  to discuss your progress after each module.

Take the first step towards change and Bet on yourself. Training delivered by a top performer who knows what it takes to succeed in the modern selling environment.
Sharpen your skills and change your outcome.

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